The Yellow Wallpaper

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Dylan Carr
Professor Orlet
1 April 2013
Types of Christmas Gifts
The thrill of Christmas eve is followed by a nearly sleepless night full of curiosity and hope. Each and every child lays in bed wondering what will be under the tree on Christmas morning. Most kids have an idea of what might be received because of what was put on the Christmas list but there is always a few gifts not on the list that turn out to be a favorite of the receiver. Then again, there is always that one crazy great aunt that is seen once a decade at family reunions that sends a thoughtful but wacky and usually tacky gift that is laughed at more than used. The gifts received are almost always placed into categories by the child, or any recipient for that matter, the must have presents, the surprise presents, and the off the wall crazy presents.

The first and most common category is the must have presents. The must have presents are presents that have been placed on the Christmas list since last new year when the first commercial came out. These presents are ones that it is let known to parents that they are in fact must have gifts and that they cannot be omitted from being under the tree on Christmas morning. The must have presents are ones that get the holy crap it's exactly what I wanted reaction from gift receivers, this is obvious because it is one of the must have presents for a reason and of course was very necessary to acquire. The must have gifts are always greatly appreciated and used often because must have gifts are usually the most in style, expensive, high tech, or all of the above of the items requested for Christmas. Many times must have gifts are a done deal when it comes to possibility of receiving to possibility of not receiving just because of the specified importance of the gift. Although must have gifts are usually the most loved there is also sometimes random gifts not on the Christmas list that turn out to be just as loved as the must have...
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