The Yearling

Topics: The Yearling, Pulitzer Prize for the Novel, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: May 27, 2011
J.M.J Kaitlyn Wimmer Reading The Yearling By Marjorie Rawlings Fiction Characters: Penny Baxter, Ora Baxter, Jody Baxter, Flag the fawn, The Forrester’s

The story takes place in the backwoods in northern Florida in the late 1800’s. Jody Baxter is a 12 year old boy who struggles with his responsibility towards his chores. Jody lives with his father Penny and his mother Ora on their farm. Jody is a happy boy but wants a pet because he is lonely. The Yearling, by Marjorie Rawlings, illustrates how Jody’s sense of responsibility helped him to resolve his conflict between meeting his own needs to raise the fawn, and meeting his family’s need for survival. Jody’s sense of responsibility helped him to enjoy his experience in raising the fawn. He realized that by helping his father with the farm chores the he will be able to hunt with his father. He enjoys spending time with his father and hunting. As Jody takes care of the fawn he learns that being more responsible is something that he needs to do to become a mature young man. Jody’s sense of responsibility helped him to cooperate with helping his family to survive in the backwoods of Florida. By taking care of the fawn, Jody has learned to be more responsible. When Jody’s father Penny became ill Jody helped his father by doing the work with the crops. Jody loves his parents and did not want them to suffer. He did the work because he knew it was the right thing to do. Jody’s sense of responsibility helped him deal with the fawn’s interference with his family’s survival. Jody spent a lot of his time with the fawn. He loves the fawn. The fawn gets bigger and starts causing trouble. He destroys the tobacco crops and he eats the corn crops. Jody’s parents can’t afford to feed the fawn so they have to get rid of it. Jody knew that if the fawn stayed his family would not survive. The manner in which Jody’s sense of responsibility helped him to resolve his conflict between meeting his own need and meeting his family’s need...
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