The Year 1763: A Transition Moment in U.S. History

Topics: American Revolutionary War, United States, Seven Years' War Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Ch. 6 No. 21
The year 1763, a transition moment in U.S. history, had sparked the idea of revolution upon the American colonists by sparking the idea of a defeat-able British, British soldiers’ treatment to colonists, and the effects of not having the French in the west. Before the seven years’ war, the British were an undefeatable, impenetrable militaristic force. “The French and Indian war, while bolstering colonial self-esteem simultaneously shattered the myth of British invincibility” (120). The Seven Years’ War had a result on the revolutionary war because it changed the mentality of the colonists. First off, the colonists saw that the British could lose, which made them think that they could beat the British. The sense off a weak army would cause colonists to be more willing to fight the oppressive British government. Second, with the colonists having a win behind their back, they were growing increasingly confident and felt as though they could manage as an independent country. Throughout the war, there was a prominent hostility from the British soldiers towards the colonist militia. “Friction had developed during the war between the arrogant British officers and the raw colonial ‘boors’”(121). The tension that aroused between the British soldiers and the militia was another force that pushed the colonists away from their British rulers. This force was part of the cause for the start of the American Revolution. That is why the French and Indian war was a cause of the Revolution. Other than the heightening tension between the British and the colonists, The Americans felt that they could become independent because of the British because they lost the fear of French invasion. “The removal of the French menace in Canada profoundly affected the American attitudes” (121). The French had always put fear in of western invasion in the eyes of the colonists. Once the French had been pushed out of western America, the colonists had lost the fear of invasion, which...
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