"The Writings of Thomas Paine Had a Greater Impact on the Winning of American Independence Than Any Other Single Event, Including the Battle of Saratoga." Explain Why You Either Agree or Disagree with This Statement.

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Chanel Smith
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A.P U.S History

Thomas Paine’s Impact on American Independence
The most important factor of gaining independence was the support given from the American citizens and the desire they had to be characterized. Thomas Paine influenced this aspiration greatly. The writings of Thomas Paine had a greater impact on the winning of American independence than any other single event including the battle of Saratoga.

Thomas Paine’s powerful, widely-read pamphlet in 1776 known as Common Sense promoted colonial America’s independence from Great Britain. Thomas Paine wrote in an approach that common people can comprehend. He argued for a radical idea made into a rational idea that people agreed with. Paine argued in a forceful and powerful dialect for colonies becoming independent states and breaking political ties with the British Monarchy (stars). He stressed that it didn’t make sense for a continent to be ruled by a small distant island. Paine also thought that it didn’t make sense to pledge allegiance to a king whose government was corrupted and had unreasonable laws (stars). The pamphlet motivated, untied, and inspired the colonists to seek independence from the British government. Without the writings of Thomas Paine colonists would have never had the courage to fight in the war, better yet the war would have never occurred. After all, the pamphlet had a profound effect on the public‘s opinion. It effected effect future events, but for the better, such as the victory of the Battle of Saratoga.

In contrast, the Battle of Saratoga played a part in America’s independence, but was not more significant than the writings of Thomas Paine. The Battle of Saratoga wouldn’t have even taken place if it wasn’t for the courage of the colonist inspired by Paine’s Common Sense Pamphlet. However, the Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of Americas’ war of independence. With the news that the British surrendered, France joined the war on the side of...
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