The Writing Processes Part 1

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The Writing Processes: Part 1

1) The topic sentence is sentence 1 while the sentence that should be removed is sentence 5.

2) While proofreading, you should always look for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

3) A very predictable or unoriginal thing or person, for example a movie ending with the words the end is a clich.

4) One type of prewriting is Brainstorming, or making notes of thoughts or ideas before writing about the topic. A second type of prewriting is creating an idea web. Idea webs are lists of related words and ideas in order to help organize thoughts before writing.

5) Option C

Making a sandwich is an easy task and I am going to explain how to make a Tuna Fish Sandwich. First, I start by making sure I have a can of tuna, mayonnaise, and salt and pepper. Second I open the can of tuna and put it into a bowl. Third I take a big spoonful of mayonnaise and put it into the tuna. Fourth I add salt and pepper then mix up the tuna really well. Fifth I check to make sure the tuna is softened. If it is still rough, I repeat steps 3 through 5. Sixth I am finally able to spread the tuna on some bread and enjoy a delicious sandwich.

6) Option C

Earning your high school diploma is a choice that will often shape the rest of your life. Because of the limited amounts of college spots available, a high school diploma makes you a front runner for one of those spots allowing you to get a better education. Another important factor that benefits from having a high school diploma is a job application. You will have much better success in getting a job because you have the high school diploma shown on your application. A high school diploma does allow for a better opportunity for jobs, but better than that it even offers you a chance at receiving a better salary than someone without one. Another reason why you should have your high school diploma is because you can not get certain jobs without it. Going along with this, some...
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