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Topics: Competition, IBM, Economics Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: January 20, 2013
In the modern day world, business competition has grown to be very competitive. With the increased competition, a business has to drastically put dynamic measures to enable its survival (Babbie, 2011) The International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) is one of the largest computer manufacturing companies globally. However, in the recent past it has experienced cut throat competition from rivals such as Microsoft, Intel and Apple Inc. this evolution emerged as a result of good ideas generated by IBM that were utilized commercially by economic agents that have responded to the new possibilities. This paper therefore, seeks to bring out a detailed analysis of the grabber holder dynamics, its effect on IBM, in close relation to Apple Inc. A new market created does not steer off a business from competition but rather exposes it. The grabber holder dynamics is important in ensuring attraction of the buyers’ imagination and thereafter get value and sustain the change in dynamics (Tucker, 2011). At this point it is evident that firms continuously create new markets as opposed to competing for old markets. Therefore a strong analytical framework plays a crucial role in successfully creating and shaping the diffusion of innovation. A grabber attracts people’s attention, captures the human imagination and emotion which triggers change, whereas the holder shapes the occurring change. The holder provides some realized rationality in order to support the change triggered by the grabber. In its entry into the market in 1911, IBM brought in an exciting vision that was different into the market. It brought together committed agents such as Lotus Development Company, Intel and Microsoft that supported its infrastructure, processes, skills and knowledge which enabled its clients get value from it. The company attracted support from the United States government which resulted in its profits growth by 500% in five years. The company made 140 million dollars down from 40 million...
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