The Worst Thing that Happened to Me

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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English 11 Hannah Armstrong
August 21, 2012
Waah! Waah! Cried the voice of a beautiful baby boy. On July twenty-second of two-thousand four, Karsten Luke Armstrong was born. As a premature baby, life was hard for Karsten the first month and a half. However he managed, and came home on August fourteenth, two-thousand four. It was the best birthday present I had ever gotten! I thought to myself, "I, Hannah Marie Armstrong was finally going to be the "big" sister"!

School had been started back for a while I'll never forget that year. I was in Mrs. Varney's third grade class, and my sister was in middle school. Being a big sister was fun I felt like a whole new person walking the halls in elementary school. My mom, worked at the BB&T in Kermit, and my dad worked at Logan Motorcycle Sales. So far everything seemed like it was going really well.

Thanksgiving had come, and it was Karsten's first! He was just starting to roll over. Not long after, the most TRAGIC thing that has ever happened in my life happened. On November 31, 2004, my sister, Haley and I got off the bus at the Bank. We raced each other inside so excited to see everyone, and everyone had a terrified look on their faces, like they weren't excited to see us the way they normally are. Haley and I just kind of looked at each other. My mom was nowhere to be found. We had no idea what was going on. Finally, Lorie Spaulding came running to us and asked, "What are you all doing here?! Both of you was supposed to go to Tonya's (My Aunt)." Haley replied, "But mom told us to get off here. No one at school had told us any different. "Well, come on and I'll have to take you girls home." insisted Lorie.

All the way to Stonecoal, Haley and I were worried to death. We just knew that something was wrong. The car stopped at the bottom of the hill, and we were home. I looked to my left, and saw three cop cars and one ambulance. I also saw my Uncle Jimmy...
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