The Worn Path Anaylsis

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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"Even a single journey like this for Phoenix is an incredible ordeal, but the fact that she has made this journey numerous times over and over again is mind-boggling. The image this tale inspires me to think of is a woman who would walk through fire and brimstone a thousand times over to prove her love. Certainly for Phoenix Jackson this path is "A Worn Path", but for most of us, we will never know even once what it means to test our faith in love. Miracles do happen in our time. They may not be as profound as the parting of the sea or walking upon water, but they are still miracles in their own right."

"In her short story "A Worn Path," Eudora Welty tells the story of one old woman in a way that from the beginning raises questions which engender suspense in what is really a simple tale made more complex by the characterization and by the way information is revealed in the course of the story. Symbolism is used to extend the meaning and convey attiutdes and ideas by analogy. The title itself sets the tone, for the reader can see that the actions of the old woman have been taken before, that this is the worn path referred to, and that what is important is why that path is worn. The author tells the story primarily from the point of view of the old woman:

The setting is the 'worn path' of the ancient Natchez Trace, and the story presents the greatest myths in the context of a folk tradition (Appel 137)."

This paper presents a positive review of Eurdora Welty's novel, "A Worn Path, describing it as inspirational and humbling. The paper explains that the story, about an elderly black woman's long journey taken for the sake of her sick grandson, is much like a parable in that the story's main character and her trials can be read as a comparison to Christ, a carpenter's son who sacrificed himself for human salvation.

From the Paper
"Upon reading of Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path", one finds an unlikely heroine through Phoenix Jackson, an elderly black woman who makes a trek, which to us seems like a short trip, but to her is one of epic proportions. The details of her journey consumes most of the length of the story, and one can be left with the impression that this is a senile old woman who has strayed too far from home. This view is shared by the hunter whom Phoenix encounters within the story who tells her, "Why, that's too far! Now you go on home, Granny!""

This paper discusses and analyzes the short story, "A Worn Path," by Eudora Welty. Specifically, it looks at the character, Phoenix Jackson, and her passing adventures and discusses how small triumphs relate to life's uncertainties. Old Phoenix is a strong and prideful woman who will stop at nothing to reach her goal. During her long journey for her grandson, she encounters dreams, harassment, triumph, and frightening experiences. The paper shows how Welty uses these experiences to flesh out Old Phoenix's character, while also showing that she is a woman who has experienced much in life, but knows she has much more to experience.

From the Paper
"Love is what makes Old Phoenix undertake this journey. As one critic says, "It is the habit of her love that moves her" (Arp 27). However, she triumphs in her journey, and that makes her a good heroine and character. She has little triumphs all along the trip, from getting out of the ditch to not tearing her skirt, and these triumphs all add up to success. Old Phoenix is a great character because of all the experiences Welty has created for her to conquer, and the reader wants her to succeed as she goes along. The experiences are a trial for her, and she triumphs over them in the end."

In her short story "A Worn Path," Eudora Welty tells the story of one old woman in a way that from the beginning raises questions and creates suspense. The paper shows how Welty, in her fiction, tends to celebrate her characters' small victories, and this is evident in "A Worn Path" where the ability...
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