The World Would Be a Better Place If Everyone Spoke the Same Language

Topics: Language, English language, Translation Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The world has certainly made great strides forward in terms of being closer than ever. With the advent of internet and air travel, the world has indeed become a smaller place and increase in opportunity for interaction. However, the myriad languages spoken by people from different areas still pose a great obstinate barrier when it comes to interaction and communication, resulting in unnecessary misunderstanding, loss of valuable time and money. Thus, this essay agrees with the statement it would be of an enormous benefit to mankind if everyone were to speak the same language. Not only would we be able to further break down barriers between different groups of people, we could also prevent unnecessary wastage of time and money on translating and translator and it would also empower minorities who speak moribund languages.

Undoubtedly, people who speak the same language find themselves bound up by a common identity and this idea is enshrined in the concept of European nationalism where people who speak the same language should possess a basis for the formation of a single country. Of course, it would be a lofty dream for us to unite the world into one just on the basis of them speaking a common language but it is a good start. The frustrations of being unable to contemplate others due to the lack of a common tongue certainly impede friendship and bonds from being formed. The futility of speaking to another person who has no idea of what you are talking about cause an invisible wall to form between people. This leads to a breakdown in communication which results in lack of interaction and even alienation or estrangement. Sometimes, the use of a translator causes awkward situations for one when the questions asked are sensitive and should be privy to the listener and questioner themselves, engendering perfunctory replies and prevent frank and open discussion from happening. Certainly, the easiest way for one to make friend is to speak and interact with one another...
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