The World Without Photography

Topics: Photography, Birthday, Optics Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: October 28, 2012
The world without photography would be very different and scary. If we didn’t have photography we wouldn’t have online auctions, or family memories. Photography is not only in the home its everywhere in life including magazines, books, to your children’s birthday parties and weddings. Without photography in the world we wouldn’t be able to view travel destinations. It’s almost like the world with photography is open, but without it it’s closed. It depends on the photographer and what they capture. When we pose for a picture we think back to the pose and the place we had them done. If the photographer makes you genuinely laugh or they capture you guys when you’re not looking in a happy moment then when you look back at the photo it brings back fond personal memories. Nature photographs are always real. When people take pictures of a car or something to post to sell usually 99% of the time it’s the real thing they are trying to sell. On that note I would say that photography is real most of the time. Some of my Experiences with photography are capturing memories of my family. When I capture a picture of my son I always think I want this for him when he grows up so that he can have them to share with his family one day. I also enjoy capturing peaceful surroundings to reinitiate the feeling I had when standing there in the moment. Photography has allowed me to share my memories with the people in my life; it has also allowed me to share theirs. It brings family and friends closer. In Bill Viola’s The Reflecting pool there is several different focal points. I realized as I was watching it you heard the sounds of airplanes and the waterfall but you almost had to mesmerize your mind on the reflecting pool. The guys comes he jumps they freeze the top half of the picture while he is in mid-air and then we see the water move in the circular motion as if something has landed in it. He’s froze mid-air until we see the other people come into the reflection...
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