The World Wide Web, or as We Know It, the Internet

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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There have been many innovations and inventions that have changed the way society functions for example, the cell phone, ipod, solar powered cars, advancements in medical technology, this list could go on for pages. But one of the biggest inventions of mankind, that is now being found everywhere, the World Wide Web (WWW), or as we like to call it the Internet. Yes, the computer was a very successful invention as well, but what would the computer be with the internet. The internet opens up so many doors for people to explore the world around them. There’s a saying that goes, “America runs on Dunkin Donuts”, but if you think about it, the American Society today are always accessing the internet whether if there at home, work, school, on the train or even simply trying to find the latest scoop on news going on in the world. The internet has many good advantages to and but also many bad disadvantages that people need to keep in mind..

Over ten years ago, most Americans have never even heard or even came across the internet. When it started to become popular, it quickly became on of the most powerful tools throughout the world. Even though the internet has disadvantages, there are many advantages that outweigh the disadvantages. The internet is commonly used for research by children and students who have to write papers for school. When the internet wasn’t available students would have to rely on going to the library and sitting there for hours flipping through pages of books to took up information. The internet made this easier because instead of having to go outside of your home to the library, you could just jump on the computer instead and go to a search website and get information there. Not only can the internet can be helpful to students for education purposes, but it can also be used for fun and games. Instead of having to go out and buying games at the store, the internet allows you to go onto gaming websites and play games for free. Not only that but...
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