The World Through the Eyes of a Programmer

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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The World through the Eyes of a Programmer
It starts with the first day of kindergarten. You’re teeming with excitement, you’re eager, curious, and maybe even a bit fearful of the new challenges that lay ahead of you. You have a little angst, but you’re convinced that the teachers are there to help, so when you let go of your mother’s hand you’re ready to begin building the foundation that will lead you onward to elementary school.

It’s been five full years since you embarked on your journey through the American education system. You’re sitting in the fifth grade thinking ‘something’s off.’ You’re not sure what it is, but you didn’t expect it to be like this; you feel out of place. Everyone lined up neatly in rows and columns, encouraged to ask questions, but only if those questions conform to the intellect of your peers. The theme of school descends from creativity, to memorization as your individuality begins to acquiesce to the standard of the class.

Going on your third year in middle school you’ve learned you’re not like your peers. You even changed schools, met new people, new teachers, but it’s all the same. You’ve listened the monotonous drone at the front of the classroom for far too long. You’ve gone to church every Sunday for almost a decade and you’re beginning to doubt the people you trusted implicitly just a few years ago. You’re asking “too many questions,” and quickly learning how defensive people can be when challenged. You begin to feel alone, rejected, outcast. You’re no longer willing to settle for “the norm,” you want to branch out, and explore. This is the attitude you carry around with you wherever you go. It influences your decisions, your interactions with other people, and how you perceive the world around you, but in your mind it leaves a void, a gap, a disconnection between you and many of your peers. This void is simultaneously a feeling of independence and loneliness. It’s the result of a creative,...
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