The World of Waknuk and the Prensent Society

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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The World of Waknuk and the Present Society
The people and things in Waknuk were judged against by a specific “norm”. Society today also judges us against a certain standard. Stereotyping is one of the many specific examples of how people are being regarded as embodying a certain image or type. Idealism is another show of how humankind persecutes present society and Waknuk, by envisioning things in an ideal or perfect way or form. Today’s society has also become superficial. We, like the people of Waknuk judge others differently because they are different. We unconsciously maybe even unthinkingly judge people based on this specific image of what that person should look or act like. A popular example is that blondes are dumb. An example from the Waknuk would be when the crops turned out to be deviational because they were deformed and could not be use. Stereotyping can be used in other ways to. Joseph Strorm, the religious figure of Waknuk used stereotyping to instill fear in the people of Waknuk so that he could control the Waknukians. In his mind if things were not in jurisdiction with the “True Image” (which was the “norm”) then it was a deviation (blasphemy) and needed to be disposed of immediately. In today’s world we also do this. The best way to explain this would be to think of a high school popularity ladder. If you are not wearing the latest coolest clothes then you’re not “popular” and therefore you are at the bottom of the ladder and everyone wants to climb to the top. We all stereotype people one way or another whether it is consciously or not. Everyone in the world already has set ideals in their mind. Whether if it was like in Waknuk, the way their parents taught them and their parents before them, that everything must go along with “The Definition of Man”. “The Definition of Man” according to the book was basically a general, definition of how human beings were supposed to look like. The Waknukians judge the people who did not fit their...
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