The World of Online Dating

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Flynn, Jordan
P. Alexander
English 1A
March 14, 2013
The World of Online Dating
In today’s world online dating services have currently attracted millions of customers; some looking for a lifelong love and some just looking for a few months of fun under the sun. The internet has been open for public use sense the 1980’s and shortly after its distribution the world of online dating was created. The telephone has always been a great way of communicating with others but ever sense cyber dating has arisen the number of people looking for love has also. But the world of online dating is not always the best way of meeting new people because it can cause so serious social problems like lack of physical contact, it can cost people hundreds of dollars to just find a human being in which the person was looking for and it could also potentially lead to being set up with someone who is less than desirable.

There are thousands of human beings out there who have awkwardness around others. They are the type that are sheltered inside of their homes and find it easier to communicate with others through the internet. These are normally the types that are found on dating sites such as EHarmony and, but there are the few who do have a knack for talking to those who attract them but still haven’t found the right one yet. The walls of social networking have always been obscure but when a person dedicates the future of their relationships with another person through the internet it can lead to a lack of physical and emotional contact. Going out into the real world can make the biggest difference in a relationship with another than one might think. Just going out to a bar once in a while will show a person what kind of people are out there and what type of male or female will attract them. In his article Nate Silver quotes a girl, Allison, who works at a bar, “She argues that whereas weekends are overcrowded with out-of-towners, Wednesdays and Thursdays provide for...
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