The World of Glassblowing

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25, February 2013

The World of Glassblowing
Ever imagine what it’s like to play with honey? Now imagine playing and shaping honey when it’s glowing red hot with strange yet interesting instruments and turning it into some beautiful and out of this world. A piece of art that is completely unique and one of a kind. Well this is exactly what it’s like in the world of glassblowing. By trying and experiencing the art class here at SBVC one can truly learn to perfect not only just the skill, but expand your own imagination as well as your creativity.

Glassblowing is a dying trade and skill in the art world. Now it’s mainly considered more of a hobby. On a more serious note career-wise it’ll get you far but it will not et you a life of luxury, but it does provide if your living the single life. Family-wise your better off having another full time job because this particular career would only pay enough to cover for the materials, the tools, the furnace, etc that one would use. These costs tend to be particularly high in price which would be the main reason to look for employment else where when it comes to providing for a family.

Naturally, most people would think that glassblowing originated from Mexico because a lot of handmade glassware is manufactured and created there. In Mexico glassblowing is actually done outside in the public for all to see this fascinating art. So it’s not surprising that so many people are convinced that this intriguing skill would come from our neighbors down in the South. When in fact glassblowing originated from across the world in Italy, where it’s a tradition to earn a living from. In most Italian families a trade like glassblowing is naturally passed down from one generation to the next. Italy focuses mainly on the handmade arts such as glassblowing, pottery, stain-glasswork, etc and avoids mainstreaming it. Which in conclusion is why most handmade objects that are purchased and shipped from Italy is so highly priced....
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