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The World of Emma Goldman

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The World of Emma Goldman

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In 1969, nearly sixty years after it first appeared, Dover Publications published a paperback edition of Emma Goldman's Anarchism and Other Essays. A quarter-century later Dover still sells fifteen hundred copies annually, and its 1970 paperback edition of her autobiography, Living My Life (1931), also remains in print--testimony to the continuing interest in Goldman's life and ideas. With the publication of the microfilm edition of The Emma Goldman Papers, researchers will be able to supplement these volumes and other collections of Goldman's work with facsimiles of her correspondence, government surveillance and legal documents, and other published and unpublished writings on an extraordinary range of issues.

The purpose of this essay is to assist users of the microfilm who are unfamiliar with Goldman's historical milieu by alerting them to books--secondary sources identified in the course of the Project's fourteen years of research--that will provide context for the documents in the collection. It is not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography; it is confined for the most part to books, excluding, for example, articles in scholarly journals as well as anarchist newspapers and pamphlets. Included, however, are accounts by Goldman and her associates of the movements and conflicts in which they participated that are essential for an appreciation of the flavor of their culture and of the world they attempted to build. Over the years, many of these sources have been reprinted; others have remained out of print for decades (for example, Alexander Berkman's Bolshevik Myth). Wherever possible the fullest publishing history has been provided to aid readers in locating books that, despite occasional reprintings, can still be difficult to find.

For more extensive bibliographies, readers should consult Paul Nursey-Bray, Jim Jose, and Robyn Williams, eds., Anarchist Thinkers and Thought: An Annotated...

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