The World of Cosplay

Topics: Fandom, Cosplay, Otaku Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: October 9, 2012
The World of Cosplay

The growth of technology has introduced various mediums of entertainment to our country - from the VHS of our parents’ generation to the PC of today. This has resulted to a high exposure to entertainment media such as tv series and music of different countries as well as ours. Before, in the generation of our parents, enthusiasts of certain series or music groups would get together and talk about their interest. They would even share and trade merchandise of their interest. This interest soon developed into a hobby - a hobby of watching shows you love and listening to music groups you admire; a hobby of talking about your interests and making friends along the way; a hobby of collecting merchandise related to your fascination; the possibilities are endless.

Today, enthusiasts are easily able to connect through the internet. It is easier to meet with fellow fans in forums and chat rooms. Sharing and trades are not as common since objects regarding these hobbies are made conveniently available by the internet as well. If you weren’t able to watch a tv series at the time they air on television, it is possible to watch it by streaming or downloading from the internet. Today, the fascination these enthusiasts have has now been coined as fandom.

Of course, the accessibility of your interests does not make you love them less. With the improvement of technology, fans also have a wider range of outlets for their fandoms. The fans have to level up too.

Enthusiasts express their fascination through various forms. As I have mentioned earlier, the collection of merchandise related to the fandom such as CDs and figurines. Another way is expressing it through art – many are into drawing their favourite characters or writing fanfiction of the story they like. As the word suggests, fanfiction is fiction created by fans based from an already existing story.

A hobby that enthusiasts have levelled up to to express their love for their fandom...
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