The World of Computer Hacking

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  • Published : April 24, 2007
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The World of Computer Hacking

Computer hacking isn't something you here about everyday on the news. Really people don't have any knowledge about computer hacking. Everyday our identities go through about eight hundred computers a day. Every time we swipe a card, make a telephone call or connect to the internet our digital identities are recorded to keep track of who is doing what. Now the records are kept by different companies. The government also takes part in this game. These company computers are supposedly protected by anti-hacking programs. Well, unfortunately hacker can still get through. And when they get through your identity is up for grabs. This is what happening everyday and no one knows but the hacker and you. Until a hacker get control of a major corporate company, and then everybody in the world is talking about Enron's bank account being hacked into and sucked dry of all its money. Most people say hackers are greedy creatures that only want money. That is not always the case some hackers do it for fun, some do it for power, others do it because they don't won't to be ruled by the government. So, really and truly what are hacking programs? Where do they come from and what are the type's hackers?

What are hacking programs?
Most people think hacking programs are a hard a long process which it is, but most of it is nothing but 1's and 0's in a pattern. The 1's and 0's create a program that you can control to destroy or create whatever you want. Hacking programs are just the same as any other anti- anything. The differences between them are that the hacking program takes everything or just specific system tasks and deletes them, while anti-virus programs target viruses. Once you have mastered that you can insert the program into any internet connection and it will run it operation and carry out any orders you programmed. There are a lot of different programs out in cyber space some are prewritten and some are custom made. A lot of time when a...
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