The World Is Flat Book Report

Topics: The World Is Flat, Developed country, Thomas Friedman Pages: 4 (1523 words) Published: January 22, 2013
The World Is Flat
"The World Is Flat" a book by author Thomas L. Friedman, discusses key events of the twenty-first century and they have brought the world closer together. At the book’s core, it is study of how and why the business world has become more interconnected, and how old American values may be preventing it from retaining the status it has long held a top of the economic world. Friedman begins by describing a trip to Bangalore, India where he visits “India’s Silicon Valley” and is stunned by the amount of technology that has come about in this once third world country. The playing field of business has been leveled, with emerging countries now able to compete with more developed countries for higher paying, higher valued jobs. Our author interprets this globalization of business as the world being flat. A notion that soon turns into a theory, complete with a historical timeline, consisting of what Friedman calls flatteners. The flatteners are a mixture of political events, technological advances and business practices, all which have shaped the way business and in many instances social interaction takes place today. Beginning with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the shift of power that took place. More specifically: the closing of the Soviet social order and the opening of American free market capitalism. Various others were to follow, including supply-chaining, where Friedman uses Walmart as an example, and their streamlining of operations and managing costs. Also, insourcing represented by UPS, and their competency of logistics and delivery management. This list of flatteners then concludes with Friedman’s concept of “Steroids”, these are enabling us to be connected to anywhere in the world at any given time. There is much more to the book than this list of flatteners, but they certainly give structure to the overall theory. Most of these concepts are relatively new, and the world is still sorting them out as Friedman puts it. Leading to an...
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