The World Is an Apple

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The World is an Apple
This is a story of how wrong decisions become greater burdens to a family.  Mario’s family happens to be in the lower bracket of society.  He cannot even provide for his family’s basic needs.  Albeit all this hardships, his wife Gloria, still manages to keep her good virtuous.  She insists that the way they are living is a much better than the one they will have if they do wrong acts.    But Gloria’s entire constant reminder to Mario did not prosper.  Mario decided to come back to his old life of crime when he lost his job when he tried to steal an apple for his daughter.  He keeps on insisting that his priority is to provide what his wife and daughter needs.  He left with Pablo, his old crime buddy, even if Gloria pleaded very hard for him not to go with the man.    This is a sad representation of what is happening in the society today.  Due to lack of better opportunities to heighten one’s standard of living, some become entangled with the wrong crowd.  By doing so, these individuals do not help their family at all; instead, they end up worsening their family’s problem.  It is man’s basic instinct that drives him towards his survival.  But, no matter what, he should not forget that society expects him to conform to its norms.  One’s action is weighed right or wrong and thus should be kept towards the proper action. Scene 1

Gloria: Mario? Mario? Is that you?
Mario: Yes
Gloria: I’m glad your home early.
Mario: How is Tita?
Gloria: Don’t wake her up, Mario. She’s tired. She cried the whole day. Mario: Has she been eating well?
Gloria: She wouldn’t eat even a mouthful of porridge. But I buy her some biscuits. Maybe she’ll eat them. I’ll take some of the money. Mario: Gloria! Can’t you wait a minute?
Gloria: What’s the matter? Why are you suddenly so touchy? Mario: Who wouldn’t be? I’m talking to you about our child and you bother me by ransacking my pockets! Gloria: My God! Wasn’t I thinking of her? Why do you think I need some money? Just to buy a dress for myself? Or see a movie? Mario: Tone down your voice. You’ll wake up our child.

Gloria: All I want is a little money to buy her some food to eat! She hasn’t eaten anything all day! That’s why I’m bothering you! Mario: I’m sorry, Gloria.
Gloria: It’s okay Mario. Now may I have some of the money? Mario: Money? I…..I don’t have any right now.
Gloria: Today is payday, Mario.
Mario: Yes, but…
Gloria: But what? Where’s your pay for the week?
Mario: I don’t have it.
Gloria: What? I’d waited for you the whole day and then now you’re going to tell me… Mario: That I have nothing? Nothing! What do you want me to do? Steal? Gloria: I’m not asking you to do a thing like that! All I wanted to know is what you did to your money. Mario: Nothing is left of it.

Gloria: Nothing? What happened?
Mario: Well, I had some few drinks with my friends. Before I knew it, I had spent every centavo of it. Gloria: Mario…. Do you think that you can fool me? I haven’t seen you drink before, crawling home like a wounded snake and reeking of alcohol like a hospital? You don’t smell and look drunk! Mario: Alright! I didn’t go drinking with my friends.

Gloria: But your pay? What happened to it?
Mario: It’s better if you wouldn’t have to know Gloria.
Gloria: Look Mario, I’m your wife! I have the right to have the half of everything you get. If I can’t have my part, I have the right to know at least where it went. Mario: Gloria, it will be better if you will not know.

Gloria: I must know!
Mario: All right! I spend it on another woman!
Gloria: Another woman? I wouldn’t believe it! I know that you will not do such things like that! Mario: I didn’t know you had so much faith in me.
Gloria: No, Mario! What I mean is you will not spend all your money when you know your daughter may need some of it. You love her too much to do that. Scene 2
Narrator: Mario enters. Sits down and buries his head in his hands. Gloria crosses to him and lays a hand on his shoulder. ...
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