The World Does Not Progress-It Merely Changes

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The world does not progress-it merely changes


The Golden Age Is Not Behind Us But Before Us

There is no nation, race, creed or religion, where the idea of the Golden Age has not existed. The English people ascribe the characteristics of a golden age to the Age of Queen Elizabeth, the French to the Age of Loius XIV, Greeks to the Age of Pericles, Romans to the Age of Augustus, Israelites to the Age of King Solomon, Indians to the Age of Guptas, and the Chinese to the Age of Ming. In the religious sense also the idea of the Golden Age has been shared by the people of all creeds, in some form or others. The Hindus speak of their Satyuga; the Christians of their Millennium, the followers of the Prophet of Arabia look back to their period of ascendancy, when they had their empires far-flung in the East as well as in the West, in Europe as well as in Asia.

The Golden Age is unanimously conceived to be a period of all-around perfection, of interminable peace and plenty, progress and prosperity. It is a time of maximum harvest, both intellectual and material. It is an era of great awakening, of glory and sunshine, of immense fertility and originality in all spheres of human activity. It is a spring time, as it were, when the creative activity of the human mind finds its expression in various forms, such as art and literature, science and philosophy, culture and civilization.

As depicted by Thomas More in his “Utopia” the Golden Age is the vision of an ideal State which is founded on perfect equality and liberty, in which there is no religious intolerance, no distinction between the rich and the poor, no racial pride and arrogance, no tyranny, no oppression, no exploitation and no injustice. Similarly, Shelley in his “Prometheus Unbound” pictures the man of the Golden Ages as “sceptreless, free, uncircumscribed, equal, unclassed, tribless and cosmopolitan”....
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