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Topics: Water, The Camp, Dusk Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: October 23, 2013

Topic: "What are the forces of dehumanization in these environments?"

1. Most Important Paragraph #4
Explanation: This was the most important paragraph for me because the author depicted his experience and what he saw when he passed through the Palestinians. He saw a horrific environment. It was really hot and humid at the camps. He was able to look at the surroundings of the whole camp and noticed that the camp was heavily guarded. This was a scene where my imagination got captured. I couldn’t believe that the dehumanizing factor here was about treating innocent civilians as criminals. It was really unfair for the Palestinians because they couldn’t do anything but just gaze at their captors. It is like seeing treating civilians as enemy soldiers. Quotation: “They are dotted on top with Israeli gun emplacements, sandbagged bunkers, large concrete slabs, and a snaking electric fence.”

2. Second Most Important Paragraph #1
Explanation: This was the second most important paragraph for me because this is where the author used precise details of what he saw in the camp. It is really saddening because he mentioned that there were no playgrounds for children to play, the slums were really dirty and the conditions of the camp were really bad everytime it floods. I can imagine a slave camp where the people are also treated badly especially with the conditions of the camp. The children who have the right to play couldn’t play because there were no playgrounds inside the camp. There were crude septic tanks just placed near the homes, which was really dangerous. And most of all, the water were so dirty that a lot of people had kidney problems. You couldn’t drink fresh water and/or use it for a bath. It was really a sickening image where you can see innocent people get treated badly. Quotation: “The drinking water, which often does not flow for more than a couple of hours each day, is brackish and brown.”

3. Third Most Important Paragraph #7
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