The World's Greatest People

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The World's Greatest People
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First the countries of the world were trying to decide who their best pop star was. Now they're trying to name their best citizens.

Following the lead of Britain, who held a "Greatest Briton" survey in 2002, over a dozen countries have so far held popular votes through their national TV network to determine their greatest citizen. This is the way it usually works. The network makes a website, where ordinary people can submit names of great individuals. After a certain cut-off point, the network tallies all the entries, and assembles a list of the top ten most popular names. Over the course of the next few weeks, ten local national celebrities (usually of a b-list nature) serve as official "advocates" for one each of the top ten greats on ten special episodes. When this is done, a second public vote is held to rank the top ten, and determine the greatest citizen of all. Here are the country-by-country results thus far.

scientist / inventor| activist| athlete|
politician / ruler| TV personality| singer / musician|
military figure| author / poet| artist|
businessman| actor / director| religious leader|
 Nobel Prize winner| FB foreign born| X assassinated / murdered| UNITED KINGDOM
"Greatest Britons" Official Website
rank| Name| Profession / reputation| Died|
1| Sir Winston Churchill| World War II-era prime minister | 1965| 2| Isambard Kingdom Brunel| London's leading engineer and architect of the 19th century| 1859| 3| Princess Diana| ex-wife of Prince Charles, glamorous social activist| 1997| 4| Charles Darwin| biologist, founder of evolution theory| 1882| 5| William Shakespeare| legendary playwright, director| 1616| 6| Sir Isaac Newton| scientist, pioneer of gravity, motion theories| 1727| 7| Queen Elizabeth the First| powerful ruler during golden age of British expansion and enlightenment| 1603| 8| John Lennon| musician, lead singer, lyricist of "the Beatles"| 1980 X| 9| Adm. Horatio Nelson| naval commander who led British forces to victory during Napoleonic wars| 1805 X| 10| Oliver Cromwell| republican military ruler who briefly deposed the monarchy| 1658| GERMANY

"Our Best " Official Website
rank| Name| Profession / reputation| Died|
1| Konrad Adenauer| West Germany's first Chancellor| 1967| 2| Martin Luther| leader of the reformation, father of Protestant Christianity| 1546| 3| Karl Marx| philosopher, founder of Communist ideology| 1883| 4| Sophie and Hans Scholl| leaders of White Rose Society, a non-violent Nazi resistance movement| 1943 X| 5| Willy Brandt| socialist chancellor of West Germany during the 70's | 1992| 6| Johann Sebastian Bach| classical composer| 1750|

7| Johann Wolfgang von Goethe| 18th century writer, author of Faust| 1832| 8| Johannes Gutenberg| inventor of the printing press| 1468| 9| Otto von Bismarck| founder and first chancellor of united German Empire| 1898| 10| Albert Einstein| scientist, founder of theory of relativity| 1955|

(No official website)
Mahatma Ghandi, India's leading independence leader and "father of the nation" was excluded from the voting process because he is already widely revered by most Indians, and was thus deemed to be "above" such a contest. India is also the only country to date that held their contest through a magazine, rather than than a TV series.  rank| Name| Profession / reputation| Died|

1| Mother Teresa| Catholic nun, child poverty activist | 1997 FB| 2| Jawaharlal Nehru| India's first prime minister,...
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