The Works of George Chauncey

Topics: Homosexuality, New York City, Gay Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Roy Llana
Dr. Mark Padoongpatt
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October 18, 2012
Notes on Sources
George Chauncey explains the details on how he came about the sources that he found. To me discusses why he has these sources are so we understand why his data is what it is. And we wouldn’t question the integrity of his sources because we all know the work or the trail he followed to get to them. Just like when he read through New York’s District Attorney’s past annual docket books. He searched through thousands of thick and thin files just to find a couple hundred of cases to include in his research. He also used the records of a study in a homosexual segregation unit in a New York City penitentiary. I think this establishes his work as a legitimate research and provides answers to peoples questions of why to his work because the answers are all in his sources and gives reasoning as to why his writing is like so. It is all that he found or it is all what he can find. He clearly states that “the sources are there but the dispersion of those sources and the absence of guides to them” make it hard for a researcher to make a decisive point.

Chauncey uses numerous sources some of them are, an article from a gay German police raid on the Lafayette Baths that led him to more accurate information through magistrate record books. Some small sources can lead into much bigger things. This specific source he states “Evidence from widely desperate sources sometimes allowed me to build a more comprehensive and multifaceted portrayal of early twentieth-century gay establishments and social patterns than I had imagined possible.” Another source he used are Diaries, these diaries gave his research a more personal and private view on his research. It probably gave him an understanding on how they felt or what they thought of during those years. It gave him a better insight on what a particular gay person specifically does than just a generic mass data of what gay people would do. Last of the sources...
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