The Working Principle of the Ore Beneficiation

Topics: Steel, Distance, Magnetic field Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: May 9, 2012
In recent years, the high price of steel raw materials has brought significant profit for the iron concentrate from river sand. The professional ore beneficiation equipments such as iron concentrate ship and magnetic separator have been popularized and used in large area throughout the country. At the same time this cannot do without the help of magnetic separator. What is the working principle of the ore beneficiation? The answer is: it selects the iron through the special magnetic separator. The working principle and structure of the standard equipment iron concentrate ship can be simple summarized as the following: the boat consists floating body, chain bucket dredging system, screening system, magnetic separation system, tailing system, and power system. First of all our ore beneficiation equipment must float on the water, so we use the 3.5-4mm steel plate as the floating body. Depending on the dredging depth, the width and the length of the floating body has corresponding requirements. In general, the width is between 1.5-2m, the length is between 16-32m. In addition we should leave a certain distance usually 1.5m between the two floating body to increase the stability of the ship. The feeding system of this set equipment is bucket dredging system. For the river sand has stones in different size, the sand must through the screening system in order to protect the magnetic separator. In order to achieve 90% net selection rate, the surface magnetic strength should be 3800-4500 Gauss, the specification should be 750*2200-2400. The iron content can achieve 98% after through the magnetic separation which can fully meet the customers' requirements. Hongxing wins many honors by the exquisite techniques and advanced technology. We will always serve customers by the service tenet that to responsible for every procedure; to responsible for every machine and to responsible for every customer. We will do our best to get your satisfaction. We firmly believe that we can...
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