The Working Poor

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  • Published : September 3, 2008
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The Working Poor consists of numerous poor individuals that struggle to live in America. All of these individuals work hard but fail to find the success that America promises. One such family in America is the family of Tom and Kara King. Tom and Kara King’s family displays the hardships that a family can go through, but the ability to remain strong together by supporting each other. Tom and Kara King have a very unique family. Even when they have no jobs and very little money, they still remain very proud and righteous people. For example, Tom and Kara brought their children out to dinner one day after saving some money. During their dinner, they laughed and talked about their current hardships. A truck driver in the restaurant heard fragments of their conversation, was moved by their conversation, and decided to pay for their meal. As soon as Kara found out that someone paid for her family’s meal, she set out to find the mysterious aide. Kara was a woman with pride, and she did not want to be pitied. So she found out that the aide was a truck driver, called his truck stop, and demanded to speak with the truck driver that paid for her meal. When she asked why he paid, he told her that he had never seen a family that was so close to each other. The truck driver also told Kara; he counted her children telling her that they loved her twenty times. Kara just broke down and cried when she heard those words. I chose this family particularly for this reason. This family has almost nothing but they can still remain a good and very close family. There are no accounts of them fighting. There are only parts in the book displaying love and support between the King family. The King family is filled with many strong emotions and that is what makes them so unique. At first, many readers may feel that Kara treats her family so well because of the way she was brought up. That is actually far from the truth. When Kara grew up, she was rarely shown any love from her parents....
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