The Word History Transformation of Marriage - Answers

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חוברת למידה-Part 1
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The World Historical Transformation of Marriage

Eye-catching features
1. Check (() the eye-catching features that appear in this text. source of the text
date of publication
√ title
√ subtitle or information under the title
author’s name
biographical information about the author
√ section headings which divide the text into different topics √ bold or italicized letters
enlarged quotes
tables/graphs/charts/maps/ pictures
bibliography/ references/further reading
(2 points)

Skimming and Scanning

2. Skim the text by reading the first and last paragraphs.
The title of the text mentions the "transformation of marriage". a. Which paragraph tells us how the institution of marriage has been transformed? Check (() one: ( first paragraph√( last paragraph

b. What has changed about marriage?
- Becomes more Flexible, (Having a different form of living) - Fairer, (Giving the equal legal right to women)
- And it’s based on emotional (love) rather than Economic or Political. (4 points)

3. Continue skimming by reading the first paragraph of each section (or part of the first paragraph). Use the information to predict the topic of each section. (One has been done as an example).

|SECTION |TOPIC | |1. Paragraphs 1 – 6 |_2_ the function of marriage in the past | |2. The real traditional marriage |_6_ historians' view of the transformation of | |(par. 7 – 11) |marriage | |3. The love revolution | 1. introduction | |(par. 12 – 17) | | |4. Adapting better to new forms of |_4_ there is no going back to traditional | |marriage |marriage | |(par. 18 – 19) | | |5. Government pro-marriage programs |_3_ the transformation of marriage | |(par. 20 – 21) | | |6. Conclusions |_5_ strategies that can reduce violence and | |(par. 22 – 24) |poverty |

(5 points)

4. Based on the eye-catching features and on your skimming:
a. what is the author's perspective on the topic of marriage? Check (() one:
( religious
√( historical
( economic

Where did you find this information? Give at least 2 places: From the eye-catching features:
A, Title B, Introduction Paragraph C, Paragraph 7 &12. From skimming:
A, The Middle of Paragraph 5 B, Second part of Paragraph 8.

b. predict the author’s purpose in this text.
The purpose of the author in this text is to show a comparison between the Past and...
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