The Wonders of the Universe

Topics: Bible, God, Religious text Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: June 13, 2012
The universe is full of signs and wonders that hold the secret of the past, present, and the future. Over the years astrologers and astronomers have spent countless hours studying these objects. Many have hoped to understand the mystery behind these wonders but have only been able to uncover the things that we consider today to be the obvious. Things such as the contents of these heavenly objects, as well as their mass are a few facts that have been brought to the light over time. There is no question that the sun, moon, and stars all have one thing in common. That is the fact that they all give light to the earth. Science has made other discoveries about these heavenly signs but the information they provided only give us knowledge of their physical attributes. Astrologers have tried to tap into the spiritual meaning behind why these signs were created, but in my opinion they were least successful in providing us with valuable information. Astrology and Theology, like religion had a different approach when interpreting these signs, they all focus on the spiritual aspect versus the physical like science. The one fact that separates them all is the inspiration behind why these studies were conducted in each of these subjects. They all focus on certain facts about these heavenly signs but have different point of views overall. To prove this point is not my aim. I am playing advocate of another point of view. That being from a religious stand point that will separate my opinion from all, including that of Theology which some may consider being in the religion category. This I disagree with because Theology based their point of view on studies conducted by more than one religion. My opinion is based solely on the information that I gained from research conducted from one book, that being the Holy Bible.

Part 3: Short Proposal
The sun, moon, and stars have always been a mystery to man. This curiosity in these heavenly signs even got to the point to where man...
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