The Wonders of Nature

Topics: Sun, Human, Ultraviolet Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: October 24, 2010
The Wonders of Nature

On a hot summer day, the only cool place a person can go to enjoy the water, the sun, the activities or just to be with family and friends is to the lake. At the time you are there, there are many distinct smells. The hickory smell of campfire smoke always lets you know marshmallows are being roster. You have to remember not to touch your hair after putting your finger in the sticky marshmallow because when this almost dried it is like crazy glue. You can enjoy the sweet coconut smell of the sun tanning lotion; you can lie in the hot sun to basically “cook”.

If you are looking for a quiet relaxation at the lake, this doesn’t always work out too well. The lake is usually noise throughout the day. You can hear the loud roar of boat motors and the waves as the boat comes crashing through them. You will definitely hear the laughter and excitement of kids as they splash happily and noisily around in the lake. At night the frogs come out and start crocking and sometimes you hear strange noises that you can’t identify.

If you are the lake, you can always get involved in fun activities, if you aren’t able to simple relax. You can go fishing, or you can paddle around a wooden boat and pretend you are a pirate, or you can join kids guiding castles and strange animals out of sand. Just make sure you don’t get the rough, coarse sand in your shorts because you won’t like that too much.

Overall the lake is lots of fun if you just want to get away from the busy, smelly city. If you are there early enough, or if you camped overnight near the edge, you can see a beautiful, bright sunrise .If you enjoy staying out on the beach until the night falls, you can catch calming and loving part of the lake. After the sun has gone down for the night, you can lie in the soft sand and stare up at the amazing, twinkling stars.

Oh! How wonderful the nature is for humans. When you are outside looking at the gorgeous thing that only God could create for the...
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