The Wonderful Place

Topics: Bed, Chair, Pillow Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: July 5, 2012
Everyone has his or her favorite place. To me, my favorite place is also the place that I use most often; it is my bedroom, which is like my own world. My bedroom is the only place that I can sleep, study, and relax in the most comfortable way. First, my bedroom is the best place for me to sleep. When you come into my bedroom, the most impressive thing is my bed, which is always covered by a blue bed sheet. It is a twin size bed. I cover nearly half of the bed with some teddy bears. In addition, I put two pillows on my bed. One pillow, which is smaller, cushions my head. The other, which is longer and bigger, is used for hugging. In addition, there are three layers of sheets on my bed. They always smell of jasmine, which is my favorite fragrance. These blankets are also very thick so that I can keep my body warm when I go to sleep. From the bed to the pillows and blankets, they are all smooth and comfortable; therefore, I can easily fall asleep and have nice dreams after a hard-working day. Second, my bedroom is also a wonderful place for me to study. Opposite from my bed is the desk. It is brown, and has three shelves on top so that I could put all my books and some stuff on it; therefore, it is very convenient for me to find things. My desk used to have a musty smell, but after some cleaning, it is more pleasant now. The chair in my bedroom is one of the most comfortable chairs that I know. It is a leather chair and is very large. The chair is red like a rose but soft like a cloud. Beside the chair and desk, there is one more item that helps me to study easily, my window. The window is on the left of my desk. My room would be a quiet place without that window. I can hear everything from the outside clearly through it; nonetheless, it makes me improve my concentration. On the other hand, I do not need any electric lights while studying in the morning because that window lets sunlight go in. In short, with all these, my...
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