The Wonder to Success

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Lucas Tucci
Mrs. Callan
English 101
April 26th 2010
The Wonder to Success

Stevie Wonder did not let his disability stop his success in life. Blind sense infancy, as a result of receiving too much oxygen in the incubator as a premature baby, Stevie showed an early gift for music. He overcame many obstacles to still become successful in his music career. He always found a way to preach and guild threw his music and affects the lives around him. Stevie recorded more than thirty top ten hits and was awarded with two Grammy awards, which are the most by any male solo artist. Stevie showed his blindness disability could not overcome his dreams. Stevie had a very early development of music. First, with a church choir in Detroit, where he and his family had moved to when he was four years old, He developed his love through music with many instruments including the harmonica, piano, and drums, He learned to play the harmonica, piano and drums by age nine and by the time he was ten, his singing and other musical skills were known throughout his neighborhood. When the family moved to Detroit, impressed adults made his talents known to the owners of Motown Records, who gave him a recording contract when he was age twelve. He was just 11 years old when he was discovered by Ronnie White of the Motown band, the Miracles. An audition followed with Motown founder, Berry Gordy Jr., who didn't hesitate to sign the young musician to a record deal. In 1962, the newly renamed Little Stevie Wonder, working with a Motown songwriter, released his debut album, Little Stevie Wonder the Twelve Year Old Genius. The record, which included the hit "Fingertips", was an immediate hit. It is one of my mother’s favorite songs. But rather than rest on his pre-successful people the hard working Wonder, who would go on to study classical piano, pushed to improve his musicianship and songwriting capabilities. Beginning in 1967, he began writing more of his own material. In 1968, he recorded an...
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