The Woes of the U.S. Foreign Aid Policy

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  • Published : July 24, 2011
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The Woes of the U.S. Foreign Aid Policy
Tiffany Califf
Sociology of Developing Countries - SOC 300 043VA016
Professor Jayne Spence
June 12, 2011

The U.S. foreign aid policy was put in place to help brother and sister nations in need. Over the years it has become a piggy bank that always seems to be open except to the people of the U.S. The U.S. needs to be more stringent with aid to Egypt and China. We can no longer just provide aid to every; and any country that needs it. Many critics feel as though there should be a change in the policy but do not know how to start. Simply shoveling money out the door to countries that are not willing to change is not going to solve their own problems let alone the ones that the U.S is facing. It has become difficult to decipher aid from welfare. The U.S. is giving welfare to countries and not setting a stipulation for it. It is hard to convince a developing country about free market when the U.S does not have the courage to reduce the handouts.

Foreign aid is the transfer of money, goods, and services from one country to another. The policy began during World War II to help rebuild Western Europe and help suppress the rehabilitation of the Soviet after the war. The U.S. foreign aid policy is set up to give to help other countries in need. It has two main categories, which are military and economic. The funding comes directly from the government, private organization and individuals. The current policy is failing the U.S. and needs a major overhaul to help the U.S. overcome an enormous amount of debt.

The U.S. has a national debt of about 14 billion dollars. This would mean every man, woman and child owes 45,000 in their lifetime to pay the national debt. We are actually paying out money with our unborn children’s taxes. This is money that we do not have and need to limit the amounts that go out and to whom they go to. The U.S. does not have the money to provide to other nations that are not spending it...
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