The Wizard of Oz

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The wizard of Oz

Mythical elements in the Wizard of Oz
* Flying of house
* Dorothy goes to the munchkins country
* Munchkins
* Good witch of north
* Bad witch of east
* Bad witch of west
* Lion’s talking
* Friendship among scare- crow lion Dorothy and Tin-woodman * Scare crow was dancing, moving etc
* Tin wood man was dancing, moving, talking etc
* In animate objects were asking for animate qualities
* Trees talking, throwing apples. Animate qualities are given to in animate objects * Bad witch was flying with her broom.
* Ruby slippers
* Death of bad witch through water.
* Flying of monkies.
* Purple horses
* Coronation of lion

Inspiration of writer for writing the novel “the wizard of oz”

Inspiration is taken from Alice in the wonder land written by Lewis Carroll. According to him any story for the children must be full of imaginary objects etc and it should give them moral lesson that must attract the children so that they adopt good things. Resources of image:-

It is not at all mythical story. The time of writing was the time of chaos. There was a gold standard. Eligibility of honor was given to the people who were having gold. Emerald city. It was a castle like building “Michigan”. It was a building situated in America that was so beautiful. Image of the yellow brick road was taken by a road that was paved by yellow bricks. That it was a way towards the Wizard of Oz. it was a time when gold was standard for people to reach at high destination. The name of OZ by the cabnets of writer that was used by writer to keep written material. The name of one cabnets was Oz Impact of personal life

Political, imaginative, poetical, reality etc, different incidents taken from his personal life. Scare crow was writers dream character. That was pursuing him to go to the fields. Tin woodman was taken by Baum’s attraction towards window display. It was made by iron. In Baum’s age they were made by wood and covered by tin. This thing attracted him to make a character. Image of Wizard of Oz was taken from the John Rockefeller. Who was employ to Baum’s father and he was bald headed. The flames in the Wizard of Oz taken from Baum’s another play “Machens” images used in it “sparking of Rattlers” In the story “our land lady” former gave green goggles to horses. This image leads us where the Wizard of Oz was giving green goggles to people was that he was not providing the people food rather he was providing them base things to deceive them. The city of the Wizard of Oz was not an emerald city. It was a deception to deceive the people that it was Emerald. Character of Dorothy was taken from Baum’s wife’s niece. Image of witches was taken from his personal life. Baum’s mother in law was used to captive witches. So this inspiration is taken from his personal life.

Themes in the Wizard of Oz

Self contradiction
Self contradiction is present with almost all of the characters. Firstly, it is present in the part of Wizard of Oz. firstly it appears that he is a super natural being but when reality opens it appears that he is nothing but a simple human being self contradiction is also present with the friend of Dorothy. They all want to get the things for which they think they are lacking. Scare crow wants brain, tin wood man wants heart, lion wants courage they all were unaware from the fact that they possessed all of that qualities. Goodness of inanimate things

Tin woodman but Scare crow they were inanimate things but they have good emotional and felling (of animate) for human being like Dorothy here we can compare scare crow and tin woodman with the happy prince who also has soft corner for human being and who is most concerned with people and who wants to less down the suffering of people. Determination

All of the characters are determined to achieve their task. They face all the hurdles like horrible creature that come in their way. One animal, two in...
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