The Wishing Tree

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Observation Essay (Final Draft)
February 27, 2013

It was the beginning of fall and the wind carried the aroma of fresh fallen leaves. The day was calm; children were playing outside, bikers were riding in the wind and homes were content with fall joy. Things seemed to be going well for everyone, everyone except Samantha Lewinski and her mother. Even the most amazing weather in the world couldn’t stop them from arguing. Samantha was growing into a young woman and she felt she knew everything she needed to know to take care of herself. Samantha had an idea of who she wanted to be and what she wanted to do. Her mother had a different idea. Her mother knew that Samantha was growing into a little woman but she was concerned with Samantha’s safety. These two different perspectives caused a whirlwind of confusion which in result caused many disputes. Samantha and her mother were known for their disruptive arguments throughout the neighborhood and this was the tenth argument this week for them. In their anger they were unaware of the changes to come. Maybe they should have enjoyed the beautiful evening.

“No Sam! That party is going to run until 3:30am and if you don’t want to come home earlier than that, you’re not going at all!” Samantha’s mother yelled so loud and hard the veins bulged out of the sides of her face. “You never let me do anything! There’s always something wrong with what I do!” yelled Samantha. This argument carried on for nearly an hour and the situation escalated as the yelling went on. Samantha’s mother would not budge and Samantha saw this. With tears swelling up in her eyes, her face hot with anger Samantha looked at her mother and screamed “I HATE YOU! I WISH I HAD A DIFFERENT MOM! ANYONE WOULD BE BETTER THAN YOU!” Samantha’s heart was beating furiously. She quickly ran out the back door; tears wildly flying out the corners of her eyes. She hated her mother and all she wanted to do was get away.

Into the woods she ran....
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