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SBO Schedule Proposal
2012-2013 School Year
SBO: School-Based Option (Article 8B)
An SBO is the process whereby the Principal and the UFT Chapter Leader agree to propose to the UFT represented school staff deviations from certain requirements of the various UFT contracts, such as staffing, class size, rotation, etc. In order pass a vote, the proposal must be approved by fifty-five percent (55%) of the staff who vote and the SBO must specify which provisions of the contract will be altered.

Contract Information| SBO Proposal #1| Vote : Circle One| School Day (Article 6A1,2,3) 1. The school day for teachers shall be 6 hours and 20 minutes and such additional time as provided for below.2. The parties agreed to extend the teacher work day in “non Extended Time Schools” by an additional 37 ½ minutes per day, Monday through Thursday, following student dismissal. Friday’s work schedule is 6 hours and 20 minutes. The 37 ½ minutes of the extended four (4) days per week shall be used for tutorials, test preparation and / or small group instruction and will have a teacher to student ratio of no more than one to ten. In single session schools, the day will start no earlier than 8:00 A.M. and end no later than 3:45 P.M. | The schedule for the 2012-2013 school year will be as follows:Monday: Start time is 8:55. End time is 3:31.Total time is 6 hrs 36min.Tuesday: Start time is 8:55 End time is 3:31Total time is 6 hrs 36 min.Wed.: Start time is 8:15. End time is 3:21.Total time is 7hrs 6min.Thursday: Start time is 8:55. End time is 3:31Total time is 6 hrs 36 min.Friday: Start time is 8:15. End time is 3:31. Total time is 7 hrs 16min. | Yes| No|

Contract Information|
School Day (Article 6A1,2,3) Teaching Periods (Article 7A4A)Teacher Programs (Article 7B4A)Conferences (Article 7Q1) 1. Faculty and department conferences are to be held once a month each after school for the duration of one period. 2. School conferences held in September and June shall be held on school time.| SBO Proposal #2| Every Wednesday, teaching periods will be shortened and students will be released at 1:15. Teachers and guidance counselors will engage in faculty conferences / professional development for 85 minutes from 1:55– 3:21| Vote: Circle One| Yes| No|

Contract Information| SBO Proposal #3| Vote: Circle One | Professional Activity Options – Circular 6 (Articles 7A6A, 7U), Teaching Periods (Article 7A4A), Teacher Programs (Article 7B4A), Limitation on Assignments (Guidance Counselors Article 7B) 7A6A: Teachers at all levels must select a professional or administrative activity in accordance with this section and the provision of Article 7U. Except as described in paragraph D, this provision shall not create an additional teaching period, as that term is defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The menu of activities to be offered to each teacher shall be from among the following:1. Small group instruction (not to exceed 10 students)2. One to one tutoring3. Advise student activities such as clubs, teams, or publications.4. Perform student assessment activities (including portfolios, performance tests, IEPs, etc.)5. Professional development / prepare staff development workshops and demonstration lessons6. Common planning time7. Conflict resolution for students8. Cafeteria Duty9. Schoolyard Duty10. Hallway Duty11. AM Bus Duty12. PM Bus Duty13. Homeroom14. Provide inter-disciplinary articulation15. Develop Multi-cultural curriculum16. Develop programs to integrate technology into the daily life of the classroomAny teacher who wishes to participate in a professional activity not listed on the above menu may upon approval of the principal, select such an activity. Teaching Periods (Article 7A4A)Teachers shall have a maximum teaching load of 25 periods per week.Teacher Programs (Article 7B4A)A. A basic maximum of 25 teaching periods, five preparation periods, and five...
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