The Wilks Sisters

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  • Published : September 6, 2008
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The Wilks Girls
The Wilks girls are three characters that had a big impact on Huck’s journey and the duke a dauphin. There are three Wilks sisters, Mary Jane, the eldest sister, Susan, Joanna and the youngest sister. Each one of these sisters was tricked by the duke and dauphin for the inheritance of their father’s fortune. The two older sisters are similar, but the younger sister always seems to be suspicious of Huck. The three girls are too naïve to see the duke and dauphin’s ways.

The Wilks sisters come into the story when Huck is travelling with the duke and dauphin. They learn of Peter Wilks death, and the inheritance left to his brothers. The three sisters are Mary Jane, Susan, and Joanna. When the duke and dauphin show up to their house the three girls are all sobbing over the death of their father. This tells us the all the girls were very close to their father and sensitive. Also they are so upset by the death they don’t even care if the duke and dauphin are their real uncles. Huck is disgusted because of the way the girls just hand over the money no questions asked.

The three girls affect everyone’s freedom, Huck, Jim, duke, and dauphin. Huck is risking his freedom and Jims because the duke and dauphin have Jim tied up on their raft. So while Huck is trying to expose the men if they find out they could do something to Jim. The duke and dauphin’s freedom is also affected by these three girls. When the town finally finds out that they are not the brothers the must flee town or be caught by the town mob. If the two didn’t come in to contact with the girls and try to scam them they wouldn’t be on the run. Since they have to flee town with no money, the duke and dauphin sell Jim to a farmer. Jim has now lost his freedom and is a slave once again.

The social class of the girls was the same as everyone else in the town. The reader could have found this out when the whole town gathered in front of the Wilks house to see the do...
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