The Wild Children

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Wild Children
In the beginning of the 1920’s, Russia was controlled by a communist era. Everyone struggled to survive in a country they have considered their own. Parents were taken away, children were stolen from homes. Everyone was oppressed from the right to live freely. Felice Holman, author of the book the Wild Children centers her book on how the children of Russia in the 1920’s sought refuge to survive and pushed through the limitation of childhood caused by societal revolution especially in this period where vulnerability for children is very evident. Wild Children talks about Peter and Alex that in the midst of a land deprived from liberty for children, these two characters rose to the precipice of the unknown and risked their own freedom to help and lead the wild children of Russia escape to the land of freedom.

Peter is the leader of Jacob the Baker’s band. Who sought refuge and food not only for himself but also for the rest of the wild children whom he considered his family. His leadership over his band reflects the authority that is shown by a father over his family. An authority of love, concern, and discipline yet with rules and laws to follow in order to maintain equality within. “Peter’s rules perform bodily functions” (Holman46) in order for them to keep peace and camaraderie within. He made sets of laws to divide among the children in order to function and survive as a band, just like a family. Although his character is focused on being a father figure over the band, he does not only show compassion over his band but also towards the other wild children he does not even know. He refused the chance to escape Russia but instead came “back for the others in the family” (148). Peter came back not because he needed to but rather because he knew what it is like to be left in the midst of a hopeless society. He sought opportunity to serve other children like him and because he also felt the band the wild children all shared...
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