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The first concern one should think of when considering a new product is the target segment. To pick the suitable target segment, one should divide the total market into smaller segments then select the target segment or segments to enter. After that, one should differentiate the market offering to create superior customer value and finally, position the market offering in the minds of target customers. The next step is the marketing mix, one should think of the four P’s that will serve their product. Many other concerns come after such as the type of the consumer product, differentiation strategies, branding elements, product-life-cycle, adopter’s categories and pricing strategies. In this paper, all these points will be covered and applied on Nintendo’s seventh generation console which is the Wii. It is a new direction for the company. Nintendo desired to create an assimilation of a motion-sensitive controller combined with modest technological improvement in processing power and graphics in order to target a broader demographic than that of the other competitors. Segmentation

Demographically, Wii targets males and females of a vast age-range [ (4 years-10 years) , (11 years-19 years), (20 years- 29 years) , (30 years -39 years), (40 years to 49 years) and (50- 59 years)]. Wii targets social classes A and B as purchasers are highly educated and possess a professional or highly skilled occupations with a salary not less than 15,000 LE per month for every family. Nationality of the purchasers doesn’t matter as it targets all cultures. Wii emphasizes on the idea that it’s a social home- video game by which a whole family can be engaged in one game, therefore it targets large family sizes and marital statuses may someway affect its purchase. Geographically, Wii is purchased in capitals and large cities of Egypt such as Cairo with a population of 18 Million, Alexandria with a population of 4.1 Million and Port said with a population of 603,787 according to 2010 statistics. Psychographically, Wii targets indoor persons who feel affection for staying with the family at home; it also targets sportive, social and technology freaks personalities. Besides, Wii targets mothers who can’t take their kids to the club daily, providing them a sports game that’s available 24/7 in their homes. Behavioral-wise, Wii attracts its purchasers by its quality features regarding the motion-controlled active play, family fun, gaming experiences and all-time game downloads. Nintendo targets medium to heavy-usage-rates ex-users and non-users that would like to try new technologies. Wii usually attracts rotators who frequently take turns between different home-video games. Purchasers should be with a positive attitude, aware and interested in purchasing Wii.

Marketing Mix:
Before launching any product into the market, one should think of the four P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The product is the heart of the marketing mix, and the three other P’s come after. Applying the four P’s on the Wii, the best known reason for the brand name ‘Wii’ is that it sounds like ‘We’ which accentuates that it’s for everyone; and the two lower-case ‘i’ characters bear a resemblance to two people standing alongside playing. The recent slogan of the Wii is “Power up your family game night” signifying that it’s a social and active entertainment that brings all the family together. Wii console comes with a wireless controller, the sensor bar, a power adapter, and Wii Sports which consists of five mini games. It comes with one hand player and the customer can buy extra number of hand players. There are different versions of Wii and different colors; there are pink, white, purple and black colors. There are many accessories that you can purchase to enhance your Wii, including the Wii balanced board, Wii Zapper, Wii Wheel and Wii MotionPlus, each enhancing the players’ experiences in a different approach. Nintendo warrants to the...
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