The Wifes Story

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“The Wife’s Story”
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Dr. Adolph Brown once said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This quote certainly relates to the theme things are not always what they appear to be. All that this phrase simply means is to not make a decision based off the way someone looks; they could turn out to be entirely different than what is expected. Other books such as “Fall on your knees” by Ann-Marie Macdonald uses similar themes to better relate to her story. The authors use of foreshadowing, conflict, and characterization unveils the theme appearances can be deceiving. * -------------------------------------------------

In “The Wife’s Story” by Ursla Leguin, the author uses foreshadowing to highlight the theme, things are not always what they seem. At the beginning of the story, the wife witnesses something horrific that happens to her husband. To illustrate, the wife says, “I don’t believe that it happened. I saw it happen but it isn’t true. It can’t be.” In this example, anybody reading the story doesn't know what is happening quite yet. All the reader can infer is something negative occurred, and the wife is in disbelief that it happened to her husband. Also, at another part in the story the wife is describing the time she and her husband first met, the love and joy they experienced, and their time together. The wife spoke, “I’ll never know a joy like that again.” By examining this quote, one could come to the conclusion that whatever tragedy was that took place in the husband’s life changed everything forever. The wife is saying that she will never receive the joy and happiness this man gave her throughout her lifetime again because he is no longer the man she once thought he was. Furthermore, foreshadowing of the husband can be seen when the wife begins talking about her life with her husband and kids,...
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