"The Wife of Bath May Mock and Expose Misogyny, but She Remains Trapped in It".

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  • Published : February 22, 2006
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Chaucer's Wife of Bath is one of the most amazing characters in English Literature. She is a strong, clever, independent woman who knows what she likes and usually gets it. She is lusty and not shy about it. She exposes and mocks misogyny in various ways, showing just how misogynistic medieval society was. However, although her strong willed nature and mockery of this patriarchy is apparent, as an audience we still remain confused, and discover aspects of her characteristics and journey, which show that perhaps she is still trapped in this ideal male dominated world. The Wife of Bath, Alison is represented as a rare and unique woman in the initial portrayal of her in the prologue, but at the end of her prologue, the Wife of Bath succumbs to the pressure of society, conforms and becomes the medieval wife.

The Wife of Bath contrary to what many critics believe is successful in exposing and mocking misogyny. When the Wife strives to dominate her husbands, she is acting as a famous critic Magee said "contrary to the traditional medieval view of marriage as a reflection of the relationship between Christ (husband) and his church (wife)". The implication is that the relationship between Christ and the church is reversed, so that the church is domineering and controlling instead of Christ. The Wife is further jeopardizing the traditional scheme of the medieval family and medieval woman because, in the traditional medieval family, the husband had control over his wife. This is what is being exposed in The Wife of Bath, the fact that Alison is completely the opposite, and by her being so outspoken she exposes the idea that she is challenging the oppressive society and the medieval church, and some may say succeeds in a big way, Religiously women were still being held accountable for the fall of mankind. Women were to remain pious and comply with their husband's demands, sexual and otherwise The Wife of Bath only complies with her husbands sexually when she gain...
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