The Wife's Story Analysis

Topics: Love, Emotion, Marriage Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Analytical Essay on The Wife’s Story
Katrina Prologo
South University

Analytical Essay on The Wife’s Story
In The Wife’s Story the author, Ursula K. Le Guin, uses literary elements to give readers a different outlook on love in a non-traditional story. Within this story the main character, the wife, goes through an emotional roller coaster as she battles the challenges that have crossed her path. A Wife’s Story is a captivating story about love that entices the reader through point of view, dialogue and imagery. Le Guin has made this first person story unique in her own way. The wife is recalling the events in her point of view from memory, and through her memory the audience receives a different take on the timeless tale of a werewolf romance, only this time the romance is from the other side, the wolf side. The wife is a wolf, while the husband is a werewolf, however this point is not connected until later in the story when the wife describes the changing she sees before her eyes. The wife does describe a point where she is unable to fully go after her husband, “I was last, because love still bound the anger and the fear in me… I went up close because I thought if the thing was dead the spell, the curse must be done, and my husband could come back—alive, or even dead, if I could only see him, my true love, in his true form, beautiful” (Le Guin, pg. 31, 2013) The wife’s point of view here is sharing her feelings as she sees him killed as a man. She is overwrought with emotion wanting to see him in his wolf form once more, not wanting this event to be true. Her point of view is used throughout this story to provide the emotions that she is feeling during this time before she finds out about his true nature as well, “-scolding, but keeping her right up close to me at the same time, because I was frightened too. Frightened to shaking” (Le Guin, pg. 31, 2013). Here she is confused and not able to understand why her child is afraid of him. She is being pulled...
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