The Wicca Religion

Topics: Wicca, Magic, Ceremonial magic Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: March 1, 2009
Dana Sheufelt

February/23/2009 Week 11

Dr. Sproul-Hoverman Comp. 1 GE 117

The Wicca Religion

In the Wicca Religion, Wiccans believe that there are relationships between certain things. The connection between these certain things can be used for magical working such as spells, rituals, potions, and charms. The magic takes place inside a casted circle. There are four cardinal points and with them is an element that they connect with. A fifth direction which is odd in some tradition is the zenith or center. East is the beginning and as connection with air. South is the light and has a connection with fire. West is love and maturing and connects with water. North has a connection with earth. The zenith or center of the circle has a strong connection with the element of spirit or ether. You must take care when casting circles. It reminds you that the fifth direction is practiced is some tradition and may be appointed if you prefer. Each color has a different meaning, element, and use in magic work like spells, color magic, candle magic, powders, invocations, worship, rituals, potions, altar decoration and psychic work. White can be used for purification, protection, truth, healing, lunar magic, reason, uncrossing, creativity, and enlightenment. Yellow is used for joy, unity, jealousy, creativity, solar magic, happiness, attraction, and power. Orange is used for energy, travel, pursuits, balance, strength, and success. Red is used for romance, lust, passion, courage, health, anger, mercy, and exorcism. A symbol of the female is blue and it is used for sleep, dreams, serenity, peace, guidance, and harmony. Green is a fairy color and is used for luck, success, growth, envy, beauty, faith, instinct, and intuition. The death color, black, is used for mourning, exorcism, binding, banishing, and deep meditation. I find the wicca religion to be interesting. There is a lot more information on the things that are mentioned on this page and if...
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