The “Whys” of Ted Bundy

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Antonio King
PSY 100
Dr. Mark Graves
April 8, 2011

The “Whys” of Ted Bundy
Why? Why do some people like oranges rather than apples? Why do old people go to bed and wake up early? Why do little boys like to fight and little girls like to play house? Our motivations and reasons behind why we commit to actions and thoughts eventually shape our character and determine our futures. We see the affect that motivation has on someone by the example of Ted Bundy. There are many forms or theories of motivation but I believe that Bundy’s motivation was that of arousal.

Ted Bundy was a serial killer who raped and murdered more than 30 women in the U.S. During one of Bundy’s last interviews hours before he was executed he expressed the fact the pornography had played a major role in his being who he was present day. I believe that Bundy’s early interest in pornography had an unseen hand on his becoming a serial killer. Ted Bundy’s early exposure to pornography was minimal like all teenagers who had a fascination with it at first. For example Bundy’s phrase, “ as young boys,” during the interview shows his understanding that pornography is a stage most young males go into venturing while developing into an adult. Bundy’s exposure to pornography was more graphic then “regular” adult material and he felt as though it was darker and had a violent nature to it.

The new form of pornography that Ted Bundy begin to experiment stimulated him more then previous material had and not only that but he began to become addicted to it as time went on. Bundy stated in his interview, “But with pornography that deals with on a violent level…like an addiction I began to look for material that was more potent.” More and more as the years went on the affects of violent pornography become an ongoing addiction for Ted Bundy and over time he began to look for more potent material. Bundy’s need for more explicit material and eventually the actions of this material of...