The White Mans Burden

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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Barbara Rahm Jones
Response Paper February 29, 2011 Carl Schurz number one argument concerning the Platform of the Anti-Imperialist League to the American People; is a reminder of what independence is supposed to stand for. He tells US citizens that current government policy with the Filipinos is “criminal aggression”, in that the US is doing to the Filipinos the same thing that the US swore through the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights would not happen to its own US citizens. He proposes that the Filipino people deserve the independence that they fought so hard to win with their war against Spain. Schurz states that the US has always protested doctrine of international law that allows the strong to subjugate the weak. Schurz then talks about the sacrifice of US soldiers and sailors, and how their bravery still needs admiration in an unjust war, ( just like Iraq) and that the blood of the Filipino people is no less a sacrifice. Schurz says that the ruthless slaughter of the Filipino people whether it last for a month or a year will continue until the Declaration of Independence is rescued from the hands of the betrayers. He denounces the slaughter of the Filipino People as a needless horror. Lastly Schurz hopes that both political parties in America will uphold and defend the Declaration of Independence in the closing century. He quotes Abraham Lincoln saying that “no man is good enough to govern another man without that mans consent.” Schulz’s arguments are absolutely connected with US history. He makes the point that we should not do to others that which was done to us, the very reason the US became an independent nation!! The White Man’s Burden is a poem that expresses the social ills of American policy towards the Filipinos. Kipling says the burden of the white man is to civilize the poor brown people of the Filipino Islands. He is asking the US mothers to...
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