The White House

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  • Published : February 7, 2007
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The White House
The White House has undergone four major phases of construction with its beginnings in 1792 and subsequent reconstruction in 1817 and renovations in 1902 and 1948-1952 (The White House-construction: website). In 1901 President Theodore Roosevelt officially named the President's residence the "White House" (The White House-name: website). The White House is the oldest known government building and has undergone many changes including styles, rooms, and outward appearance.

It all started in 1792 when architect James Hoban worked with George Washington, and they decided that the new two-story structure would be made of stone or brick, enhanced by elegant gardens and lawns. In 1807 pavilions and terraces were added to the east and west sides of the main building (The White House-structure: website). The British set fire to the house during the War of 1812. The interior was destroyed while the exterior walls remained intact (The White House-fire: website). In 1815 James Hoban rebuilt the White House the same way it was first built (The White House-structure: website). The south portico was built in 1824. In 1829 James Hoban made his final contribution to the White House by completing the north portico (The White House-building: website). Also added were ornamental iron fences which surround the structure and running water was piped into the house (The White House-water: website). Next, Andrew Jackson creates the White House orangey in 1835 which is demolished in 1857 to make room for a new treasury wing. A replacement greenhouse was constructed on the west side, adjoining the state floor of the White House (The White House-greenhouse: website). In 1871 Ulysses Grant extended the White House grounds south and a great round pool was built on the south lawn. In 1873 another round pool was built on the north lawn (The White House-pool: website). Conservatories and greenhouses were removed from the west lawn and long windowed galleries...
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