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The What and Why of Thinking

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The What and Why of Thinking

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Thinking is the ability to envisage ideas and theories by reasoning. It is the ability to form an opinion, analyze situations, formulate plans, process memories etc. We as humans are not able to continue living without the use of thought. It is what separates our race and from any other living animal/organism. Other animals use their thoughts as means of survival. They act on instincts whereas humans use their thoughts to make much advancement in their lives. Rene Descartes quotes “I am, and I can think, therefore I can change who I am, I Think Therefore I am” Our thought process is that of large capacities. We are able to think of many ways to find proper and more suitable solutions. Our thoughts are always with us where we can be having an intense thought process and it is broken by a disturbance or another thought process due to unavoidable circumstances, however we are able to regain or train of thought without the loss of all the data that we have already processed. Some people whilst thinking they jot down points or notes so that they can remember things more clearly and use the notes as a reminder of what they were thinking. There is so much activity taking place in the brain every second. Let us just use for example an assignment that is due and of great importance for a class or project. I would use my thoughts to find sources to do research on a topic. All the information that I have gathered will then either be saved or printed so that I can review carefully the topic I am researching. I would then take all the notes and underline or make notations by all the key facts that I would like to use in my paper. Those notes will then be transfigured into points that I will log. Those points will be of great importance since they are the foundation of my paper. I will then analyze those points and use them to form sentences proving that I have understood them and hence being able to elaborate. This process might seem very complicated and lengthy however due...

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