The Whale Rider

Whale Rider

This book really grabbed me right from the beginning of the story. The story begins with the birth of fraternal twins, with the grandfather patiently awaiting the birth of the son. Right away I felt sadness when the mother and one of the twins die. The boy dies and the girl survives. The grandpa seems to not care about the girl who survived . He was longing for his grandson because he is from the Maori tribe and the tribe is waiting for the sign of a new chief to be born . The chief would lead the village and its community to greatness. Many elders have been born but none with the strength to be the next chief. The little girl was named Pai. The grandma of Pai took her home to raise her along with the grandfather. The grandfather showed right away that women or girls where less than a man. He longed for a new chief . This was grandpas goal in life right now. He could see that their tribe was going down hill .He had hoped one of his son's would become the chief but neither one did. So grandpa was set on his grandson becoming the next chief

.It was no secret that he blamed Pia for the death of his grandson. He felt by her birth she gave a curse to the tribe. He couldn't see any truth or purpose in her having life over the grandson. He showed resentment toward her. As time went on , Pia seemed to be this stubborn, curious, and smart little tomboy . The grandfather didn't like that pia was a tomboy . He wanted her to stay away from all the boy activities. He started a boy school only , it was to train and educate boys . He was hoping to get a chief out of one of them. Pia wanted so badly to do what the boys were doing. She would spy on them and copy what they did. She could do exactly what her grandad wanted the boys to do. I felt that he new something was special about Pia. He would see how she mastered all tasks but instead of being proud he would get angrier and angrier at her. The more Pia did the more he was saying she was a curse to their tribe. She...
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