The Wes Moore

Topics: Life imprisonment, Prison, Murder Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: October 17, 2012
English 1101
Though many people may dismiss the importance of the importance of Wes I writing The Other Wes Moore due to its bending of truth, exaggerations and comparisons of incomparable lives (Wes I & Wes II) in many different ways, the theme and overall purpose is very noteworthy. It is noteworthy for its positive contribution in its influence to the readers who extract the vital information with an approach that enables them to succeed instead of trying to dis-credit the book for its façade that was develop to create a more empowering theme that the choice is ours and we can change if we are willing. Therefore, we should learn from the book’s intention by taking lessons taught throughout the book to help us make decisions in our daily lives.

Wes I set the tone of the story by questioning of how two people of the same name from the same city ended up with two different faiths. Where they were both far on each end of the spectrum in term of consequence for a life brought up that seems to be identical with only difference of thinnest of margins; one who is now a leader in society while the other is sentenced to life in prison. In this instance, it allows readers to questions how important our small steps in life that we take could impact us greatly in our future? Their lives are close to identical; they both grew up in a rough neighborhood of Baltimore where drugs, crimes, and violence infested the streets, but they end up with two completely different faiths.

Even though they were similar in this matter, Wes I had mentors in his life (including his mother) who helped guide him in a better direction when he was off track, Wes II was not as fortunate and looked up to his older brother, who sold drugs in the streets and was involved in gang activity and violence. When Wes II tries to follow his brother in his endeavors, his brother Tony knows well enough that his life is not one to be followed and tries to warm Wes II about the dangers of...
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