The Welfare Reform Act

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The Welfare Reform Act
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The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 had three main purposes and several different opinions on whether they were going to work or not. The main purposes of the Welfare Reform Act were to reduce welfare dependence and increase employment, to reduce child poverty, and to reduce illegitimacy and strengthen marriage (Rector, R., & Fagan, P. F., February 6, 2003). Due to the abundance of opinions and opposing facts it is hard to tell whether or not which positive and negative facts are true when it comes to how effective these purposes were after the Welfare Reform Act was implemented. One set of facts that are given are that by 2003 despite liberal predictions that the welfare reform would push an additional 206 million more individuals into poverty, the U.S Bureau of the Census reported there are now 3.54 million fewer people living in poverty, and some 2.9 million fewer children who live in poverty currently than in 1995. It is also stated that poverty among black children are at the lowest in history. It is estimated that there are 1.2 million fewer now than in the mid 1990’s (Rector, R., & Fagan, P. F., February 6, 2003). It is also been recorded that hunger among children is now 420,000 fewer today than before the Welfare Reform act and that the welfare caseloads has been depleted down to half of what it once was. Along with all of the other positives that have come with the Welfare Reform Act the biggest change that was recorded was the drastic change in the number of out-of-wedlock children that are being brought into this world which has been said to have been brought to a virtual halt (Rector, R., & Fagan, P. F., February 6, 2003). With all of these positive repercussions that come with this change there are others who do not believe that all of these changes are so. They in fact think the complete opposite and state that since the...
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