The Welcome Table

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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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The Welcome Table
Tawanda Richardson
English 125: Introduction to Literature
Amber Anaya
July 15, 2012

The short story I decided to write about was, “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker. As I was reading this story, the theme I decided on was Religion. The Welcome Table is a wonderful story that is filled with several symbolisms, such as religion, racism and finally the reward of getting to meet her Jesus, so she can tell him all about her struggles. Throughout the story one can tell that the little old lady is slightly fazed by the uppity and conceited congregation that is turning their noses up at her as they are penetrating her with ridiculing looks of detestation. The ladies of the church are sitting there looking at their husbands as to say, “Get her out of Here!” and then it is only by force that the men felt that it was their duty to pick her up and throw her out the church.

This story tugged at my heart and captured my attention because it reminds me of the stories my family told me when I was a little girl. When they told me those kinds of stories, they only gave me hope and inspired me. Anyone that has read or will read this story cannot help but to be uplifted by this story. In the beginning of the story you couldn’t help but to feel sorry for the old lady, because the author painted a picture of someone that was dirt poor and worn out. The little old lady was thinking to herself, that After all the things she been through and the thing she had done for them how could they be throwing her out of the church. When I first read the story, I thought that her nephew and her family was treating her like that and was kicking her out of church, because the reverend called here “Auntie” and the usher called her “Grandma.” Then as I continued to read I realized that it was an all-white church and she was not welcome there because she was black. Now, this old lady has taken care of these people when they were babies and she has taken...
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